Edible Review: “Brownies and Cream Cookie” from “Sweet Mary Jane Edibles”

Written by brokenlungz

Today I bring you the Brownies and Cream Cookie from Sweet Mary Jane Edibles.  They have a 25% OFF SALE going on at Pagosa Organic Therapeutics on all Sweet Mary Jane Edibles, that being the main reason why I picked some up.

BrowniesAndCreamCookie (4)

Brownies and Cream Cookie is a butter cookie with brownie pieces on top.

BrowniesAndCreamCookie (7)

I must say, I wasn’t very impressed with this cookie.  Not to say it was horrible, it was just nothing special.  The cookie was pretty dry, it did have a decent butter taste to it though.  The brownies on top were lacking the moistness and intense chocolate flavor of traditional brownies, which could have made this cookie awesome.


The packaging suggests 150mg THC per cookie, but I’m not sure of the accuracy of that.  This is a Sativa based edible, so I didn’t expect it to knock it on my ass.  It gave me a decent head high but didn’t last very long at all; 1 – 2 hours tops.  I wouldn’t really recommend this edible to anyone, as it wasn’t effective enough for me.  Sorry Sweet Mary Jane!  The Good Day Sunshine Oats Bar was great though, check out my review on that and pick one up at your local center!  Check out more edibles from Sweet Mary Jane Edibles at http://www.sweetmaryjane.com

BrowniesAndCreamCookie (2)

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