Product Review: “Domeless Quartz Nail” from “Quartz Castle”

Written by brokenlungz

If you like to dab, and you want an alternative to Titanium, then Quartz is probably a great option for you, and Quartz Castle delivers. The Quartzcastle bowls are designed by Talented Chris Schuler in the state of WashingtonQuartz is a common crystal found in the earth, and even though it looks similar to glass, it is much, much stronger.  The main advantage of Quartz over Titanium is a cleaner taste.  Sometimes Titanium can leave a gross metal flavor in your mouth, tainting the taste of your concentrate.  With Quartz, you will get a much cleaner taste from your concentrates.  While Titanium is obviously stronger than Quartz, as long as you don’t overheat your Quartz too much or drop it, it should last a long time.  I have been using a 18mm Domeless Quartz Nail from Quartz Castle for about the last 2 months, and I must say, I am very impressed.

QuartzCastle (20)

  This particular domeless Quartz nail features a bowl-shaped design with 8 slits around the center.  The bowl design makes it very easy to just drop your concentrates in, and the slits all the way around the bowl provide unmatched airflow.

QuartzCastle (29)
Pretty much the only thing that I don’t like is the joint design.  It has a down stem with a rim towards the top, so it doesn’t have any kind of snug fit, it just sits on top of the joint, like a regular domed nail would.
QuartzCastle (41)
It seems like a design flaw to me, because sometimes when you’re taking a dab, and you tilt your piece the wrong way, the nail will tilt off of the joint, resulting in a leak, causing some of your vapor to just go up in to the air, virtually wasting it.  It would be nice to see one that has a female joint, so it will fit snugly on a male joint of an oil rig, but I’m not sure if a female joint is possible on a Quartz nail.

QuartzCastle (19)

This domeless Quartz nail comes in both 18mm and 14mm sizes.
love this nail.  It heats up fast and it hits great.  As you can see, the vapor evenly flows through all of the airflow slits, making sure all of your concentrates are vaporized.  It is also very easy to clean: simply heat it up a little and scrape off any leftovers.  The only thing I wish was different is the joint.  It would be awesome to see this same nail but with a female joint on it instead of a male one, but until that happens, I’ll keep using this one!  I would recommend this nail to anyone who is looking for an alternative to Titanium, and at less than $50, they are more affordable than Titanium.  Check out Quartz Castle at their website to purchase at, or call Quartzcastle at # (523) 549-6678

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