About Us/Contact

Feel free to contact us at coloradobudblog@gmail.com for any inquiries about working with us!

Welcome to Colorado Bud Blog!  This website is to designed to educate you on the best products that the world has to offer, through reviews of Cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles in Colorado, as well as Marijuana products, grow and extract equipment, and smoking accessories.

ALL of the pictures on here are taken by brokenlungz or chewberto420, unless otherwise noted.

NOTHING on here is for sale, nor do We own the rights to ANY of the products or companies pictured.  This is simply for EDUCATIONAL and ENTERTAINMENT purposes.

Please be Respectful when navigating and engaging in this website.

Cannabis is an amazing plant, and in compliance with Colorado Amendment 20 AND Colorado Amendment 64, I and many others are now free to enjoy the tree of life, legally.  I love it’s many forms and it’s medicinal properties.  It makes me feel one with my surroundings, and puts me into a state of peace and relaxation.  I love people who love weed, and I love talking about it.  So please join me on my journey to a higher state of mind!


10 thoughts on “About Us/Contact

  1. Hi! I was wondering if you could stop by to look at our products and get a sick discount to leave reviews of the products in our store. We are Cloud 9 in Durango CO and are located at 1111 Camino Del Rio #102. You can give me a call during our store hours of 11-8 Mon-Sat or 12-6 Sun at 970-422-8666. Thanks! Steph

    • Definitely! I’ve been in your shop a few times now actually, I like it! I like how it’s setup a lot, some cool glass in there too. I’ve been meaning to post a picture of your flyer on here, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’d be happy to review stuff in your store, or just review the store. Maybe I could go in sometime before you open and snap some pictures of the shop and the glass. Shoot me an email, coloradobudblog@gmail.com. Thanks for hitting me up!

  2. Hey there–awesome blog! I work for an edibles company out of Denver. We would love to send you a sample of our product for review to see what you think of it. Shoot me an email if you would be interested! Thanks! -Whitney

  3. You must be SW Colorado based? I saw your review of cloud 9 and also saw you mentioned Gandolphs. I have a Durango based company called “ONE DAB” . We have branded our own hash pen for wax and also sell clothing. Our site is currently under construction but will be up and running soon. If you are local we could get together for some product sampling. Shoot me an email. Thanks- Aaron

  4. Hi! I work for The Growing Kitchen and came across your photographs of our products on Google Images. You may not be a professional but they sure did come out looking up close and personally delicious! I was wondering if we could use some of your photos in a slide show we are making for the 420 Rally? You can contact me via a reply on here or via email / facebook. Thanks!

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