Product Review: “Brush Pass” Reusable Child-Resistant Exit Bag from “Anonymous Bags”

Written by brokenlungz

In Colorado, child-resistant packaging for Medical and Recreational Cannabis is a big deal; almost every store I’ve been in lately requires you to use a child resistant “exit bag” to walk out with your Cannabis, and no one does exit bags better than Anonymous Bags.

AnonymousBagsLargeScentSuppression (16)

Anonymous Bags are different from the competition.  Instead of using cheap, flimsy plastic like every other exit bag I’ve seen, Anonymous Bags are made of 600D polyester, making them extremely durable and long-lasting.  They are made to reuse, and the high quality materials will make it last a lifetime.


AnonymousBagsLock (3)

They also use a real metal zipper, instead of just a ziplock zipper like most other exit bags.  There is also a small lock so you can secure your Cannabis and keep it out of the hands of children and other people you might not want touching your stash.  These bags are certified Child-Resistant, and fully compliant with all Colorado MED regulations.

AnonymousBagsBrushPass (1)

This particular bag features “Scent Suppression Technology”.  There is a foil liner, with a special insert inside that captures the odors of your Cannabis.  It definitely suppresses the smell.  I had some stinky Durban Poison inside and I could barely smell it with my nose pressed right against the bag.


Anonymous Bags come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  This particular bag can easily hold 2 ounces of flower, or an ounce of flower, several edibles, and multiple grams of concentrates.

AnonymousBagsLargeScentSuppression (12)

This bag was stuffed with goodies, and probably could have fit a few more edibles!


You can even get Custom Branding with your own logo printed on Anonymous Bags.  The bag in the photo above is branded with a graphic for The Marijuana Show (  The graphic is a high quality silk screen print, which seems like it will stay on the bag forever.  The colors really pop on this one, very vibrant.  Make sure you check our their website ( for more information on Custom Branding!

AnonymousBagsLargeScentSuppression (17)

Anonymous Bags are hands down the best reusable exit bags on the market.  I hate the cheap plastic exit bags that most dispensaries offer and sell for ridiculous prices.  I always make sure I have my Anonymous Bags when I go shopping.  It cuts back on packaging and waste for the dispensary, which is always a good thing.  Instead of using bulky plastic pill bottles to put flower in, if you bring your bag back in they can just put your flowers in a plastic bag, which is much less wasteful than a giant pill bottle.  Some dispensaries (like Animas Herbal Wellness Center Medical in Durango, CO) enter me in to a raffle every time I use my Anonymous Bags there.

AnonymousBags (17)

I highly recommend Anonymous Bags  to anyone who is a Medical or Recreational Cannabis shopper.  Check out their website at for more information and Custom Branding, and make sure to ask your local shops if they carry Anonymous Bags!

AnonymousBagsLock (1)

Make sure to lock your Anonymous Bags!

Check out: Live Resin/Live Resin Batter from The Lab Infused Products

Written by brokenlungz

Live Resin is relatively new to the Cannabis scene, and for those of you that don’t know what it is, Live Resin is a Cannabis Concentrate made by harvesting a Cannabis plant and flash-freezing it in a Cryogenic freezer, thus preserving the terpenes and cannabinoids in their freshest form.  It is then extracted using n-Butane in a Closed-Loop System, creating some of the tastiest and most potent Cannabis concentrates you’ll ever try.
  A good Live Resin will stink up the room like a bag of the dankest flower, and will coat your mouth with flavor.


Stardawg Guava Live Resin from The Lab Infused Products

The Lab Infused Products from Denver changed the game in Colorado last year when they introduced Live Resin Batter, which is a whipped version of Live Resin, giving it a incredibly creamy and smooth texture, making it really easy to work with and get on your dab tool.

TheLabPanamaPunchLiveResinBatter (1)

Panama Punch Live Resin Batter from The Lab Infused Products

While Live Resin will cost you a pretty penny, it’s definitely worth it.  The flavor alone is enough to buy some, but the effects are great as well.  When I dab a good, Indica Live Resin, my mind is at ease and I am able to seriously relax.

TheLabPurpleGodBud (4)

Purple God Bud Live Resin Batter from The Lab Infused Products


Headband Live Resin Batter from The Lab Infused Products

The Lab has been dropping so many delicious flavors of Live Resin Batter that it’s hard to buy just one kind.  They are doing some truly amazing work with Cannabis concentrates!


Super Lemon Haze Live Resin Batter from The Lab Infused Products

TheLabStardawgGuavaLiveResinBatter (3)

Stardawg Guava Live Resin Batter from The Lab Infused Products

If you’re in the Denver area you need to check out any of The Clinic ( locations and pick up some Live Resin Batter!  If you’re in the southwest region of the state, you can get some at Animas Herbal Wellness Center in Durango, CO.  Like I said earlier, it costs a lot, but I assure you it’s well worth it!  Check out for locations and WeedMaps Menus, and follow The Lab Infused Products on Facebook to keep up on all of the amazing new flavors they keep dropping!  Remember, batter is better!

TheLabFall97'LiveResinBatter (1)

Fall ’97 Live Resin Batter from The Lab Infused Products

TheLabCherryPieBatter (3)

Cherry Pie Live Resin Batter from The Lab Infused Products

Product Review: Sour Diesel and Colombian Gold “Vintage Cannabis T-Shirts” from “Green Arbor Clothing Co.”

Written by brokenlungz

If you’re looking for Cannabis-friendly clothing that is more on the discrete side of things, than Green Arbor Clothing Co is the brand for you, and for a limited time they are offering special offers to Colorado Bud Blog readers!

GreenArborVIPStashBox (13)

First up is the Sour Diesel T-shirt, which you can get for 25% off until October 31st using the coupon code CBBSD.

GreenArborVIPStashBox (37)

The Sour Diesel T-Shirt is Kelly Green and features an image of the front of a diesel locomotive.  It has the Sativa classification in large letters, as well as some of the effects below.  The print quality on this shirt is so legit, the ink is so thick that I don’t think it will ever dry up or chip off.

GreenArborVIPStashBox (11)

These shirts are very comfortable.  They are made from 100% hand-spun cotton.  They are very soft, and the fit is just right; not too baggy, not too tight.

GreenArborSourDiesel (1)

The shirt doesn’t have a tag, instead it is printed on the shirt and features a short description of the strain, it’s taste, smell, effects, and origins.  The details regarding taste, smell, and effects seem on point from my own personal experience, and after doing some internet research, I found that the information about the origins of it seem legitimate as well.  It’s these small details that make these shirts extra special.

 GreenArborColombianGoldT-Shirt (1)

The Colombian Gold T-Shirt features a woman dancing in front of the Santa Marta Moutains of Colombia, which is where the strain originates from, and just like the Sour Diesel T-Shirt, it has the Sativa Classification at the bottom, as well as some of the effects of the strain.  I’m assuming the graphic is a woman dancing because of the uplifting and energetic effects of the strain.

GreenArborVIPStashBox (10)

This shirt has the same fit as the Sour Diesel T-Shirt.  It is not too baggy, but not too slim, it is the perfect fit for me.

GreenArborColombianGold (2)

While I have never smoked or seen this strain before, the smell, taste, effects, and origins described inside the shirt seem to legit after doing a quick search on

GreenArborVIPStashBox (15)

Each shirt has a small, dark green, Green Arbor Clothing Co tag on each right sleeve.


The other side of that tag reads Vote Against Prohibition, which is just a good reminder for everyone!

GreenArborVIPStashBox (17)

The tags on the bottom of the shirt feature their logo, an Apothecary Jar with a Medical Cross, representing the companies commitment to the legal and responsible use of Medical Marijuana.

GreenArborVIPStashBox (18)

The other side of the previously mentioned tag features their slogan; Home Grown, Fresh Cut, Hand Rolled.

GreenArborVIPStashBox (7)

It’s easy to say that I really love these t-shirts!  The graphics are way more discrete than those of a lot of other Cannabis-friendly clothing companies, which I think is a breath of fresh air.  I love the fit of the shirts, and the inks used are of the highest quality.  I would recommend any Cannabis enthusiast to check out Green Arbor Clothing Co for a wide selection of strain-related t-shirts.  

Go to and order before October 31st and receive 25% off Sour Diesel when you use the coupon code CBBSD, and receive 15% off your entire order when you use the coupon code CBB15!

How to Clean a Domeless HIVE Ceramic Nail using a Butane Torch

Written by brokenlungz

Here is a quick video showing how to clean a domeless HIVE Ceramic Nail using a Butane Torch.  The basic idea is to heat it the same way you would normally heat it, heating it evenly in a circular motion.  Keep heating it evenly until the entire nail is red hot.  The nail basically cleans itself, you can literally watch the nail go from black to white.  Sometimes, if your nail is really dirty, you might need to scrape it a little after you heat it up, but any crust layer should flake off with no problem.

Check out these SPECIAL OFFERS from Green Arbor Clothing Co.!

Written by brokenlungz

Green Arbor Clothing Co. is offering discounts on their Cannabis-friendly clothing lineexclusively for Colorado Bud Blog readers!

 GreenArborVIPStashBox (15)

Use the coupon code CBB15 to receive 15% off the entire store until October 31st!

GreenArborVIPStashBox (11)

Also until October 31st, use the coupon code CBBSD to receive 25% off of Sour Diesel (pictured above).

GreenArborVIPStashBox (13)

If you’re a retail store, dispensary, or headshop, mention Colorado Bud Blog and recieve 20% off any WHOLESALE ORDERS, until October 1st!

 GreenArborVIPStashBox (18)

Act fast while these deals last!  Be on the lookout for more deals and reviews on products from Green Arbor Clothing Co, and check out to get your own Home Grown, Fresh Cut, Hand Rolled Cannabis Apparel!

Product Review: “Pruner’s Kit” from “Harvest Snips”

Written by brokenlungz

Show your ladies that you’re a real prune master with the Pruner’s Kit from Harvest Snips.

HarvestSnipsActionShot (25)

The Pruner’s Kit comes with one pair of Needle Nose Pruning Shears and a pair of Bypass Pruners.  Both pruners are hand-forged in Japan from 100%  high-carbon steel, making them extremely strong and sturdy.

HarvestSnips (26)

The Hand-Forged Needle Nose Pruning Shears measure 180mm (about 7 1/4″) in length, so they fit in your hand perfectly.  They have a slightly wider grip than the average pruning shear.


Both the Needle-Nose Pruners and Bypass Pruners are imprinted with the Harvest Snips logo.

HarvestSnips (22)

 The blades are as sharp as a Samurai sword, resulting in a much cleaner cut, which means less stress to the plant.  The blades are extremely sharp, so be careful when using them!  The high-carbon steel allows you to sharpen the blades over and over again.

HarvestSnipsActionShot (6) 2

The Needle-nosed pruners can tackle a number of different jobs with ease, including pruning, cloning, topping, trimming, and general chopping.  The long needle-nosed blades make it easy to reach tight spaces.

HarvestSnipsActionShot (7)

They easily chop through larger, thicker branches.

HarvestSnipsActionShot (1)

Even though they are pruning shears, you can even use them to trim, although you will need to keep them very clean and oiled up in order to trim with them for long periods of time.

 HarvestSnips5 (3)HarvestSnips5 (4)

Heavy-duty steel clasp makes sure your shears stay closed when not in use, and therefor, preserving the sharpness of the blades.

HarvestSnips5 (2)

The Needle-nosed Pruners have become an essential part of everyday life in the growroom for me.  I now refuse to use any inferior pruning shear.

HarvestSnips (9)

The Bypass Pruners are for chopping down larger branches and plant stalks.  They are about 8″ long, and their wide-grip allows you to the really follow through with your cut.

HarvestSnips5 (1)

The shape and sharpness make the Bypass Pruners the ideal choice for serious pruning and chopping.

HarvestSnipsActionShot (16)

HarvestSnipsActionShot (17)

Chopping through thick branches is effortless.

 HarvestSnips (1)

The Pruner’s Kit has become a pretty essential part to everyday life in the growroom for me.  No more damaging plant tissue by using cheap shears!  These things make for the smoothest, cleanest cut, and as long as you take care of them properly, they will last many years.  I make sure to keep mine clean and always oil them up after I use them.  I have been using mine everyday for the last 2 months and I haven’t even needed to sharpen them yet, so they are very durable.  It is safe to say I will be using the Pruner’s Kit for many years to come!  Be sure to get your own Pruner’s Kit from Harvest Snips at, and make sure to use the coupon code ColoradoBudBlog at checkout for 20% off your entire order!

HarvestSnipsTrimmingShears (26)

Keep your eyes open for more reviews on products from Harvest Snips, like the Hand-Forged Precision Snips (pictured above).  Make sure to check out!

Happy Growing!

Product Review: RX (Prescription) “Resistance” Perfect-Color HPS Growroom Glasses from “Method Seven”

Written by brokenlungz

The RX (Prescription) “Resistance” Perfect-Color HPS Growroom Glasses from Method Seven allow you to see your grow clearly and sharply in perfect color, even if your eyes aren’t the strongest.

MethodSeven4 (3)

Method Seven makes it incredibly easy to order your very own RX Growroom Glasses.  All you have to do is print out an order form, fill in your prescription and billing information, and send it back.  I had my glasses in exactly 2 weeks from when I sent my order form in.  They hit my prescription dead on, making it possible for me to finally see the grow the way I am supposed to.


 The Resistance HPS Growroom Glasses are truly incredible.  Being able to see your HPS grow in the proper color is amazing, and once you put on a pair of Method Seven glasses, you’ll wonder how you ever made it in the growroom without them.  You will improve your grow by being able to easily spot deficiencies, pests, molds, or any other problem your grow might have.


The lenses are made from “German Crystal Mineral Glass, with rare earth elements subatomicly fused into the glass”.  They use the same patent pending Rendition Perfect Color HPS lens technology as the normal Resistance Perfect Color HPS Growroom Glasses do.   They cancel out the strong yellow wavelength that HPS bulbs create.  They provide 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays, as well as UVC rays that are present under the HPS light spectrum.  Not only do they allow you to see your grow in perfect color, but they also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

MethodSevenRX (7)

The lenses are so thick that they absorb an incredible amount of infrared radiation, making it even more comforting for your eyes.

MethodSeven4 (1)

The high quality materials and top-notch craftsmanship becomes instantly evident once you hold them.  The frames are thick, and everything feels incredibly sturdy.

MethodSevenRX (3)

 The Resistance Growroom Glasses are very comfortable to wear.  They wrap around your head snugly and feel like a pair of goggles.  As with most glasses though, once your head starts to sweat, your glasses may start to slip if you look down too much, so be aware!  You definitely wouldn’t want your glasses to get damaged by hitting the floor!


See your buds exactly how they look while they grow!  Instead of literally everything looking yellow, you can see the true colors of your strains.  Pictured above is some White Grape Krush inside the Medical Grow at Pagosa Organic Therapeutics, looking really good at the end of week 5 of flower.


The Resistance HPS Glasses are by far the best purchase I’ve made in a while.  I work in a medical grow for a dispensary, so I am under 10,000+ watts of HPS lighting most of the time, and as soon as I first put on these glasses, I knew there was no going back.  I seriously don’t know how I ever survived in the grow without them!  I can see everything in the grow properly, and I am far less fatigued and stressed in the grow now that my eyes aren’t absorbing all of those harmful UV rays.  If you are a grower that uses HPS lighting, and you wear prescription glasses, then you need to get a pair of RX “Resistance” HPS Growroom Glasses!  It is well worth the price to be able to see your grow the right way, and to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.  Get your own pair today from!

Happy growing!

Product Review: “PocketSlab Concentrate Container for Shatter” from “Errly Bird”

Written by brokenlungz

Errly Bird brings yet another great product to the dab table, with what is definitely their most innovative product yet: the PocketSlab Concentrate Container for Shatter.

PocketSlab (5)


The Pocket Slab is a platinum-cured silicone concentrate container, specifically for shatter (Although you CAN put any kind of concentrate inside!)

PocketSlabStackandLock (1)

The Pocket Slab has the same stackable design that the Budder Blocks have, so now there are even more options for stacking your blocks.

ErrlyBirdPocketSlab (2)

The Pocket Slab features a divider right down the middle, giving you two squares (2 & 1/4″ wide by 1 & 7/8″ deep) that are perfect for a few grams of shatter.

PocketSlabStackandLock (2)

The locking design is very similar to that of the Budder Blocks, although it is much thicker and the underside seems to go in deeper, allowing it to hold the lock better.

PocketSlabStackandLock (3)

These hold the lock much better than the original Budder Block.  I tossed it down a flight of stairs in my apartment and it stayed together on impact.  Although I wouldn’t recommend doing that, it does give me peace of mind knowing if it falls, it most likely won’t open.

ErrlyBirdPocketSlab (10)

One of my favorite things about it is the fact that you can use the lid to hold down your shatter as you pull a piece off.

ErrlyBirdPocketSlab (11)

Hold down a corner of shatter with the lid…

ErrlyBirdPocketSlab (12)

…and pull!  Using this technique makes it really easy to pull a dab from slab without touching it with your hands.


Once you have a dab on your tool, you can rest the tool in between the pegs of the Pocket Slab.

ErrlyBirdPocketSlab (3)

The Pocket Slab has quickly become my favorite container for storing my concentrates.  The design is genius, and the silicone is of the highest quality, plus it is pretty versatile as far as what you can do with it.  highly recommend this product to anyone who dabs on shatter on a regular basis.  I think it is safe to say that the Pocket Slab from Errly Bird is here to stay.  Make sure you get your own Pocket Slab at, and check out their entire line of dabbing accessories!

Cannabis Clubs are Coming to Colorado

Mary Jane Content

Despite some complications surrounding the Clean Indoor Air Act, more and more clubs geared toward the marijuana enthusiast are popping up around Colorado. Operating as “private” or “members only” clubs to bypass the law, these clubs offer different membership options ranging from a simple pay-as-you-enter place to toke your own to dab lounges that offer free hits upon entry with the purchase of a membership.

Though faced with a few complications while getting started, cannabis bars are showing promise thanks to marijuana tourism and Denver’s ever-popular cannabis culture. Now, thanks to clever business plans and careful attention to protocol, marijuana clubs offer residents and out-of-town-ers alike a safe place to relax and enjoy our new found freedom.

  • Club 64/The 710 Club: Specializing in welcoming tourists to our mile high city, Club 64 and its sister store, the 710 Club, offer a number of membership options. From single-day…

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Check out “Anonymous Bags”

Written by brokenlungz

Anonymous Bags offer a wide variety of discrete, re-useable, child-resistant exit bags for keeping your medications safe and secure.

AnonymousBags (6)

 Anonymous Bags come in all shapes and sizes, and can be customized with your company logo printed right on it!

 AnonymousBagsLock (3)

Thanks to the zipper-lock design, everything you put inside is instantly compliant with all Colorado Cannabis Laws.

AnonymousBagsLock (2)

Keep your eyes open for reviews on a few different designs from Anonymous Bags, and get your own re-usable exit bag today at!