Product Review: Nextlight LED Grow Light

Written By Chewberto420

Back Once again with another LED Test and Review.

This Time we are working with Nextlight systems.


Let us start with the Unboxing.

NextLight (1)

Inside the Box you’ll find your light secure by heavy duty packing material that keep your light from moving while in shipment process. Unit came in excellent condition with no issues whatsoever.

NextLight (12)

Lets Get this Baby out of there!

 NextLight (11)

Take a Look at Nextlight.

NextLight1 (2)

A Sleek LED system with White Housing, sure to reflect bouncing Lumens.

NextLight (7) 

Each Nextlight LED System contains 96 American made, full spectrum white LEDs — using just 525 watts.

NextLight (2)

NextLight1 (3)

Each Nextlight System provides a grow footprint of 3’ x 3’ for flower period and 5’ x 5’ for vegetative stage.

NextLight (3)

NextLight can maintain a 70,000 hour life rating at 100 degree F ambient conditions.

That’s an incredible 14 years of use in a 12/12 Flowering period

NextLight (4)


Both Ends have Plenty of ventilation, keeping the unit breathing easy and cool. Nextlight says their units emit 75% less heat than than 1000 watt HPS.

NextLight (5) NextLight (6)

Sturdy Eyelets to hang the unit.

Here is some Information below from the Website

NextLight is a true HPS 1000 replacement — proven to grow.

The green line represents NextLight’s spectrum, which encompasses the full spectrum of the HPS 1000. Unlike the misguided purple LEDs of the past, NextLight matches and extends powerful white light that’s proven to grow.


For The Tech Geeks

NextLight (9)


Stay Tuned For the Trials and updates!!!


I have begun Cloning and will Veg in a 5×5 tent with a single Nexlight unit. So Keep your Eyes Peeled.

Be sure to Like their Social Media sites, and check out the Website at

Until Next Time

Keep it Growing Folks 🙂

Karl73 Glass!

Written By Chewberto420

Karl Myers has been blowing glass for 12 years and recently transitioned into showcasing his own unique style creating functional and non-functional pieces of art like pipes, tubes, and pendants.

Today i wanted to show off this 10mm Mini-tube from Karl73.

MiniTube (1)

Futuristic “Tetris” design with incorporated colors Oregon gray, Really Teally, and black.

Equipped with a 10mm joint.

MiniTube (2)

Slick Black rimmed Mouthpiece offers great contrast with the purple.

   MiniTube (5)

 Strobel Glass “Kang” (from the simpsons) Millie

MiniTube (6)

Beautiful opal marble blinging off of the side of the beaker style base.

MiniTube (4)

Transparent purple along the tube.

MiniTube (3)

This Heady little beast has the right chug to dish out perfect dabs at home, or on the go.

MiniTube (8)\

Make sure you go Follow “Karlseventythree” on Instagram to score some amazing glass like this.

image1 image3 image4 image2

Also, look for Karl on Facebook under “Karl Myers” for more.

Have a great night friends.

Product Update! Black Dog LED Platinum XLU

Written By Chewberto420

Product Update..

Black Dog Platinum XLU LED Light

The Black Dog LED Platinum XLU Light was tested along Side standard 1000w HPS lighting. I used the same Clone Only Strain of Gods Gift to do the test. The Medium was A depleted Soil that was Void of any Nutrients, and I used Dragonfly Earth Medicine Line. Exact Same size Pot, Feeding schedule, and treatment.

Early Veg looking through the Method Seven Black Dog Operator glasses.


After a Complete Cycle from Vegetative through Bloom, here are my thoughts...

Note-All Pictures will Portray LED on left side or Top…

6 days in Bloom

Early on in flower I noticed that The led side created a more even flower set and canopy, and stayed a bit shorter than the HPS.

BlackDogLEDUpdate1 (3)

27 days

After the stretch, the Led side remained a few inches shorter, but more even. Led resin is more abundant toward the leaf tips and in general. You can see the LED side (top pic) is more rich in green/chlorophyll and is loving the Light.

BlackDogLEDUpdate1 (14)

36 days in bloom

At this point, I can see a slightly larger flower build on the HPS side, but the chlorophyll is less present on the HPS side and its fading faster. I have also begun to notice The LED side desires less water as well.

BlackDogLEDUpdate1 (8) BlackDogLEDUpdate1 (5)

40 Days only LED

Gods Gift

BlackDogLEDUpdate1 (2)

43 days in bloom

The Led Side is still moving along swimmingly, and desires no extra nitrogen, and is much more happy than the HPS. The buds are starting to dense up a bit faster on the Black Dog Side.

BlackDogLEDUpdate1 (1) BlackDogLEDUpdate1 (13)

52 days in bloom

Its clear to see the trichomes are loaded on the LED side, and the Fan Leaves are green as can be and they aren’t showing any signs of stress.
Very happy plants..

BlackDogLEDUpdate1 (7) BlackDogLEDUpdate1 (4)

62 days Harvest

LED is My Favorite at this point because the Sugar leaves are still caked and have not suffered from any light/heat stress like that on the HPS side, which means my trim will be more desirable to work with when making extracts.

There is simply just more resin, which is actually greasier, and it smells better.

BlackDogLEDUpdate1 (12)

The side by side on dried and cured Gods Gift Flowers.

After a month in jars and a 2 week drying period, I’ve determined that the LED is a superior Product in quality and efficiency.

Here are the Numbers.

Gods gift Grown under Black Dog LED Platinum XLU was
94 grams @ 750 watts = .125 g/watt

Gods Gift grown under HPS was
107 grams @ 1050 watts = .102 g/watt
(note 1000 watt HPS Lights run higher than 1000 watt and 1050 is fair based on readings we have taken)

To calculate the efficiency:
.125 GPW LED Subtracted from .102 GPW HPS would equal 0.023 / .102 = 22.5% increase

The Aromas and Flavor is undeniable as compared to HPS.

Black Dog LED’s Platinum XLU Light is an all out Winner in every aspect.

BlackDogLEDUpdate1 (9)

The main thing that i noticed throughout flower was how much more Lush and Green the LED side was throughout Her Life in contrast to the HPS Side. Gods gift took the Environment like a champ and without any ill effect.

A huge benefit that i see is for for the grower struggling with heat in the grow room.

When Growing with LED it is important to raise the ambient room temperature to around 85 opposed to a conventional 75 degree sweet spot.. The reason this is necessary is because the Leaf surface temperature has to be high enough to achieve optimal photosynthesis, we achieve this by providing a warmer ambient temperature in the room. 

The LED side is much more forgiving and will withstand the higher temps without struggling to photosynthesize and transpire through the leaf because its been overheated…

Lets recap on the LED Benefits….

The smell on the LED side is Noticeably Brighter, richer, and more complex than the HPS side.

The density was on point, it wasn’t airy or larfy at all

22.5% more efficient to run.

The bag appeal is Very nice and equates visually.

The Flavor translate a bit sharper on the palette from LED.

It was less expensive to run for the duration of the grow.

Easily I would Say that the Black Dog Led Platinum XLU light does beat out a standard 1000w HPS when you factor in Efficiency, Operating Cost, fruit Quality, and over all health of the plant.

I will continue to use this light and update with thoughts. Here is a picture of my current Black Dog LED Grow that i am experimenting with mixed spectrum.

Shown is Sour Tangie at 24 days

BlackDogLEDUpdate1 (6)

Get to today and scope out their variety of lights and gear, and get Growing.

Until Next Time

Product Review: MouthPeace

Written by Chewberto420

Are you often scared of getting Herpes, or the dreaded “Cup Cough” from attending Marijuana Social events and Festivals?


Look No Further than Mouthpeace.

Mouthpeace (1)

A 100% Platinum Cured Silicon MouthPeace to insert in virtually any Pipe, Bong or Dab rig, even some joints and vape pens might fit.

Mouthpeace (7)

The Flexible Ribbed and tapered cone design allows you to secure your Mouthpeace to most all Smoking devices.

Mouthpeace (6)

By using pressure when pressing your mouth against the unit, you create a tight seal that allows you to draw hits with ease.

You want the Mouthpeace for Pipes? No Problem!

Mouthpeace (8)

Bongs? Sure!

Mouthpeace (11)

Dab Rigs? You Bet!

Mouthpeace (10)

Even those 10mm Mini Tubes for on the Road..

Mouthpeace (9)

Mouthpeace did us all a favor by creating this device, no more germs and illness exposure while trying to have a good time.

Mouthpeace (5)

Don’t forget your nifty Lanyard attachment.

Rock your MouthPeace around your Neck so you wont lose it.

When you are done enjoying yourself and back home, Just toss your mouthpeace into the Dishwasher, its safe 🙂

Mouthpeace (4)

MouthPeace is the way to travel when “Hitting” the Weed Events.

MouthPeace is Available in Many colors.

Be sure to check out the website at and get yours today!

Product Review: Halen Quartz H3 Honey Hole and Carb Cap

Written By Chewberto420

Joel Halen Has been Pumping out Functional Art and Quartz Nails for years.

Made in Colorado and internationally known.

Here Is the Joel Halen H3 Honey Hole

JoelHalen (5)

The H3 Design was created by Joel Halen and is Constructed of 100% Quartz, and has been a favorite among Glass enthusiasts.

Quartz can withstand higher heats, is more durable, and resists temp changes better than standard glass.

JoelHalen (10)

A nice Big Quartz Domeless Bucket to take the dabs you need with a massive surface area for putting in work, all while retaining Ample heat.

 JoelHalen (2)

The vapor path Hole is raised up to keep your oil in the bucket and not in your rig.

Styled with An Attractive H3 Sandblasted Logo

JoelHalen (22)

The Flavor retained by this high end quartz is impeccable.

If you aren’t a Fan of Ti and notice a metallic flavor imparted into your dabs as some have said, you’ll love the H3 Quartz Honey Hole.

JoelHalen (16)

Additionally, Joel creates Quartz Carb Cap dabber which makes low temp dabbing much more efficient. This is where the Flavor in the concentrates really get to shine.

JoelHalen (21)

On the End of the Carb-cap is a nice dabber to serve up those terps.

Drip Drip.

JoelHalen (4)

Style out your Rig with the Perfect addition By picking up a H3 Honey Hole available in 10mm,14mm and 18mm sizes with a Female joint or direct inject option.

Give him a Like on Instagram and Facebook @JoelHalen

for Wholesale Inquires-Contact Joel at \

For retail Sales- hit up

JoelHalen (6)

Stay Irie Friends 🙂

Product Review: Magical Butter MB2e Machine

Written By Chewberto420

Magical Butter MB2e is in the House.

What A Treat! Check it out 🙂

MagicalButter2.0 (4)MagicalButter2.0 (5)

The High Tech and well thought out design of the Magical Butter Machine MB2e is designed to create bases for a variety of Infused Products. These products ranging, but not limited to; Butters, oils, Tinctures, to skin products like balms, Topicals and cremes.

The Magical Butter MB2e is A solid Unit with everything you need to start extracting like a Pro..

Lets Take a Look!

MagicalButter2.0 (6) MagicalButter2.0 (20)

The Lid Insert on the MB2e has a propeller that makes sure to mix and grind your material properly while its heating or in No Heat mode.

Sure to create a thoroughly mixed end product.

MagicalButter2.0 (10) MagicalButter2.0 (11)

The Magical Butter MB2e Allows you to set a desired temperature to suit your specific needs for the project.

Are you are Living in High Altitudes and Dry Climates? Don’t worry, The MB2e offers 130°F/54°C temperature setting for optimized extractions in such conditions.

MagicalButter2.0 (8)

Timer “set and forget” application, and cleaning function...

An Amazing feature the Magical Butter MB2e offers is a “No Heat setting for non-activated tinctures, cold soups and beverages, and other goodies”

MagicalButter2.0 (9)

The Magical Butter MB2e holds a Deep Stainless steel vessel to do generous loads.

MagicalButter2.0 (14)

A courteous Product level Line for keeping within the boundaries.

MagicalButter2.0 (15)

The MB2e is a tough machine with Heavy duty connections from the Propeller lid insert that fix to the stainless steel vessel.

MagicalButter2.0 (12)MagicalButter2.0 (16)\

The Magical Butter MB2e Machine comes with a 100 % silicon Non Slip “Love Glove” to help maintain Sanitary conditions  with your extractions and is Dishwasher safe. This “Love Glove”  is a blessing when doing Heated Extractions,  insure that you wont get your hands burned while squeezing.

MagicalButter2.0 (18)

Magical Butter MB2e also provides a Purify Filter (220 Micron Nylon Mesh bag)  to filter the Product easily and safely, while keeping unwanted debris out of your end product

The Purify FilterMesh Bag is Also Dishwasher safe.

MagicalButter2.0 (19)

Take your Healthy living to the next Level by creating Infused foods and products with the Magical Butter Machine MB2e!

 Just Cause We Love you, we are going to throw out a discount code to Help get a Magical Butter machine of your own…

Just enter “budblog” at the store at and save yourself 30 Dollars off your total purchase.

MagicalButter2.0 (7)

Be sure to go and Like Magical Butter on Facebook and Instagram, and scope the website for purchases at

Stay Tuned for Tutorials with The Magical Butter MB2e Machine, and some fun recipes with Mrs. Chewberto420 to help stay medicated Organically..

MagicalButter2.0 (32)

See You Soon 🙂

Product Review: Method Seven “Black Dog LED Operator Glasses”

Written By Chewberto420

Feast your Eyes on These.

The Method Seven Black Dog LED Operator glasses provide superior quality and 100% UV Protection while working in the grow room.

The Method Seven/Black Dog Operator Glasses were designed by working closely with Method Seven and Carl Zeiss (the leader in grow room optics) to create Complete color correction for The Black Dog LED’s Phyto-Genisis Spectrum.

BlackDog-MethodSeven (2)

The Black Dog LED Glasses work to balance the spectrum of LED lights to mimic Natural lighting conditions, This Helps tremendously when you are Examining your plants for Pests and disease. Also, The Glasses are great for accuracy while pruning, and working with the plants in general…


Black Dog LED Operator Glasses From Method Seven

Includes custom silk cleaning pouch, and Leather Clam-shell Case to protect your lenses.

 BlackDog-MethodSeven (3) BlackDog-MethodSeven (4)

When we work under Grow lights without protection, it can damage your retinas by trying to adjust color, which can lead to permanent vision disability.

It is important to get the protection you need if you plan on growing Forever..

BlackDog-MethodSeven (5) BlackDog-MethodSeven (6)

The Black Dog LED Operator Glasses are Stylish and comfortable.

Product view.

BlackDog-MethodSeven (1) BlackDog-MethodSeven (8) BlackDog-MethodSeven (7) BlackDog-MethodSeven (9) BlackDog-MethodSeven (10)

Sturdy hinges are sure to hold up to your tough Working Grow room conditions.

Made In Italy

BlackDog-MethodSeven (12) BlackDog-MethodSeven (11)

Method Seven is always sure to impress.

Make sure to check out their website at and for other amazing optics for your specific lighting needs.

BlackDogLEDUnboxing (2)

Product Review: Jyarz Containers

Written By Chewberto420

Take a look at Jyarz

Made in the U.S.A

Jyarz (3)

Jyarz are unique in that they offer a proper solution, for the Person trying to protect and preserve their goods in a container.

Jyarz (4)

The Jyarz Housing is comprised of recycled milk jugs (No BPAs or Phthalates) that is very thick and extremely durable.

The protective shell housing allows you to preserve your goods, by protecting the glass core insert, and blocking any UV light that may want to destroy your precious cargo.

It is Smell-proof and Waterproof as well.

Jyarz (8)

Under the Lid is a very thick gasket that ensures a tight seal, and will keep all your Aromas safely within.

Jyarz (7)

Jyarz contains a Glass core insert that goes inside the Housing to provide an inert option to hug your goodies.. Glass wont leech any smells or absorb any that you might want keep in.

Right below the glass core insert is a Shock Absorber to help protect the insert as well if dropped.

Jyarz (6)

There are a variety of different sizes and colors to choose from.

The Gasket, glass core inserts, and shock absorbers are all replaceable on the website.

Jyarz (1)

Its easy to see that Jyarz has thought long and hard about what the MJ Container market was missing, and came through with a solid product.

Jyarz not only has you in mind, but the environment, which is something that I strongly support. Whenever you buy a JyAR they give 1% of the sale to ocean plastic research.

Be sure to check out thier website and get some Jyarz today.

You can find them at, Instagram and Facebook.

Until Next Time…

Product Review: Smokin J’s Dragon Steamroller


Written By Chewberto420

Take a look at the 5″ long Gus Glass Studios Dragon shooter steamroller with choker hole.

Offered by Smoking J’s.

This piece is Thick And sturdy, and fits nicely in your hands.

Smokin'Jays (5)

There is a Colorful Red design on this one, with a Zebra Dragon Steamroller.

There is many of colors available to choose from with this style, along with different sizes as well.

Smokin'Jays (4) Smokin'Jays (2)

This Design offers a choke hole accompanying a standard carb, to help cool the smoke for your lungs!

Smokin'Jays (3)

Here is a look at The design Through the Mouthpiece!

Smokin'Jays (6)

Its a Nice Solid Piece.

  It does take some getting used to of course because you have to remember Two Holes to plug with your fingers for the choke and carb, but it hits very nice.

Smokin'Jays (1)

Go check out Smokin J’s at and scope out all of the awesome gear.

Product Review: Dragonfly Earth Medicine

Written by Chewberto420

Dragonfly Earth Medicine is a Company based out of Eugene Oregon. They Offer a complete Organic and Veganic Line Of Plant Nutrients, ranging in sizes from 454 grams for small grows, to 30 lb buckets for large scale operations.

Take a look at the Dragonfly Earth Medicine Line…

DEMNutes (1)

It all starts From a root.

Lush Roots is a powerful Full spectrum Herbal Endo-Inoculant that aids in building a strong and healthy root system, and encourages vigorous plant growth and yields. Use Lush Roots when cloning/transplanting, and periodically through the plants entire life cycle. Lush Roots can be used as a Tea, a soil amendment, foliar spray, or just by dusting roots. You can even create a tea to use in Hydro/aeroponics, Whatever makes sense for you...

DEMNutes (3)

Lush Roots is “A superior blend of EndoMycorrhizae (100,00 props./lb), Trichoderma, Beneficial Bacteria and an in house special mix of Organic Herbs.”

( For the Nerds )

Active ingredients

8% Humic Acid derived from lignite
16.3% Ascophyllum nodosum (Kelp)
9% Urtica dioica (Stinging Nettle)
9% Medicago sativa (Alfalfa)
Glomus intraradices – 55.0 propagules/gm
Glomus mosseae – 55.0 propagules/gm
Glomus aggregatum – 55.0 propagules/gm
Glomus etunicatum – 55.0 propagules/gm

Bacillus subtilis – 3,965,000 cfu/gm
Bacillus megaterium – 3,965,000 cfu/gm
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens – 3,965,000 cfu/gm
Bacillus pumilus – 3,965,000 cfu/gm
Bacillus licheniformis – 3,965,000 cfu/gm

Trichoderma harzianum – 495,594 cfu/gm
Trichoderma konigii – 495,594 cfu/gm
57.6% Inert Ingredients

Brilliant Black!
Brilliant Black provides “Herbal Humates for soil” it is Organic Alfalfa blended with Micronized Humates and beneficial bacterias, great for all stages of the plants Life… You can apply Brilliant Black as a Dry Soil Amendment, or make a tea or brew to add with every other feeding.

DEMNutes (6)

( For The Nerds )

Active ingredients

24% Humic Acid derived from Lignite
20% Organic Alfalfa Leaf (Medicago Sativa)
5% Organic Sugar (Evaporated cane juice sugar)
Bacillus subtilis – 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus pumilus – 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus megaterium – 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus licheniformis – 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens – 7,930,000 CFU per gram 50.9% Inert Ingredients

Radiant Green!

Radiant Green is a Base Nutrient for the Vegetative growth stage. An Organic Herbal and Bacteria Supplement. Radiant Green is good for every feeding during a plant’s vegetative stage, and can be used as a tea, dry soil amendment, or in hydroponics ( as long as it is strained).

DEMNutes (4)

( For the Nerds )

Total Nitrogen (N)……..6%
Available Phosphate (P2O5………3%
Soluble Potash (K2O)……. 3%
Derived from Alfalfa,Nettle, Kelp, Wild Yam, Spirulina, Horsetail and Volcanic Ash.

5% Humic Acid derived from Lignite
5%Evaporated cane juice ( Sugar)
Bacillus subtilis – 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus pumilus – 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus megaterium – 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus licheniformis – 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens – 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Azospirillum brasilense – 7,930,000 CFU per gram

Fat Flowers

Fat Flowers is an organic, biostimulant, rhizo-tonic elixir for your garden. Dragonfly Earth Medicine has formulated a product that contains beneficial bacteria, a blend of organic herbs, sugar and Azomite to provide a base for Flowering/fruiting stage of the plants life cycle.

Fat Flowers Can be used as a Dry soil Amendment, Brew/Tea, or in Hydro/aeroponics  if strained.

DEMNutes (2)

( For The Nerds )

Active ingredients
Beneficial Bacterias ~ creates healthy digestive probiotics. Increases photosynthesis, plant immunity, stress resistance, root growth, ultimate plant health,beneficial bio-stimulant.

Organic herbal blend ~ offers optimal balanced nutrition, immune stimulant, has all essential vitamins, amino acids, proteins, chlorophyll and trace minerals (from deep tap roots and rhizomes). Includes feminine herbs that encourage maximum yield. Organic evaporated cane juice is used to feed the bacterias and promote fat flowers.

Azomite ~ 70 metabolically active minerals and trace elements. 644 ppm./ Rare Earth Elements (REE) which enhances photosynthesis, absicissic production helps with stress, iron absorbtion, protein synthesis, beneficial bio-stimulant.

Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N)…………………….3%
Available Phosphate (P2O5)……6%
Soluble Potash (K2O)………………6%
Derived from *Alfalfa, *Nettle, *Kelp, *Wild Yam, *Burdock Root, *Turkey Rhubarb,
*Horsetail, *Raw Cacao and Volcanic ash. (*certified organic)

5% Humic Acid derived from lignite
5% Organic Sugar (evaporated cane juice sugar).
Bacillus subtilis – 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus pumilus – 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus megaterium – 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus lichenformis – 7,930,000 CFU per gram
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens – 7,930,000 CFU per g

Natural Mistik!

A 100% organic plant based and bacteria based foliar spray providing nutrition to your plants while simultaneously cleaning leaves of any possible unbeneficial pathogens.

DEMNutes (5)

( For The Nerds )


*Alfalfa leaf, *nettle leaf, *kelp, *noni fruit, *lavender flowers, *rosemary , *calendula flowers , *horsetail, *sugar, humic acid, *bacillus subtilis, *bacillus pumilus, *bacillus megaterium, *bacillus licheniformis, *bacillus amyloliquefaciens, bacillus thuringiensis, trichoderma harzianum, trichoderma konigii (*certified organic) Active ingredients

20% Ascophyllum nodosum (kelp)
20% Urtica Dioica (stinging nettle)
20% Medicago Sativa (alfalfa)
5% Morinda Citrifolia (noni fruit)
5% Equisetum (horsetail)
5% Humic acid derived from lignite.
5% Evaporated Cane Juice (sugar)
5% Lavandula Lamiaceae (lavender flower)
5% Calendula Officinalis (calendula flowers)
5% Rosmarinus Officinalis (rosemary)
Bacillus pumilus ~ 7,930,000 CFUs per gram
Bacillus megaterium ~ 7,930,000 CFUs per gram
Bacillus licheniformis ~ 7,930,000 CFUs per gram
Bacillus subtilis ~ 7,930,000 CFUs per gram
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens ~ 7,930,000 CFUs per gram
Bacillus thuringiensis ~ 7,930,000 CFU’s per gram
Trichoderma konigii ~ 495,594 cfu/gm
Trichoderma harzianum ~ 495,594 cfu/gm
4.9% Inert Ingredients

Dragonfly Earth Medicine

DEM continues to set the standard for naturally derived plant nutrition, and organic practices which the Colorado Bud Blog can Stand behind…

DEMNutes (1)

I am into the First Week of Flower using solely DEM line, and things are exceptionally green and happy. I will post updates on the garden and my complete thoughts very soon -Chewberto420

Make sure you go check out their website for a host of great information.

Give them a like on Facebook and Instagram

Happy Growing!