Sativa Premium Mint Chocolate Bar

Written by Chewberto420

Today we are reviewing The 100MG Lab Tested  Sativa Premium Mint Chocolate Bar, From Dabba Chocolate. Made in Denver, Colorado.

DabbaChocolateSativa (8)

Offering that classic taste and texture of a Chocolate Andes Mint bar, infused with H2o Extracted Hash, sure to satisfy the needs of any health conscious consumers.

DabbaChocolateSativa (3)

“At Dabba Chocolate we follow three strict guidelines for our cannabis extraction process. Simple, Natural, and Safe.” “Starting with only the finest organic cannabis material, qualified hash artisans produce the finest cannabis extract using reverse osmosis H2O while activating 95%+ of the Cannabinoids for edible consumption. Rm3 Labs completes our evolution of fine cannabis edibles with their commitment to factual dosage labeling and the progression of precise and consistent lab testing for the industry and the leading companies.”

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This tasty 100 MG Sativa  Mint Chocolate gives you an energetic buzz that offers hours of medicinal relief. It contains 100MG of active THC derived from  organic Cannabis Sativa. It contains a generous 7-14 MG of CBD within the chocolate as well. Dabba Chocolates uses Rm3 Labs to test all of their products to ensure quality.

DabbaChocolateSativa (9)

It can be dissected into 20MG pieces to find your comfort zone, or consumed as a whole.

DabbaChocolateSativa (5)

This Premium Lab Tested Mint Chocolate offers plenty of  functionality with your daytime activities, and will put a huge smile on your face.  I  highly recommend this edible to anyone looking for a great tasting chocolate with an exceptional Sativa effect. You can definitely use this product to tailor your day, with comfort and functionality. With this Sativa specific product, Dabba Chocolates  comes through for your daytime needs.

DabbaChocolateSativa (2)

Dabba Chocolates offer other great selections of medicinal chocolates as well.


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Produces a euphoric high, more energetic than sedative, lifting the consumer’s mood and therapeutically relieving stress.”


Good for A muscle relaxant and works well as a general analgesic, also helping those who suffer from sleep Deprivation.”


Combining the sedative effects of indicas with the stimulating and uplifting qualities of sativas.”

Be sure to check out their website at , and visit your nearest dispensary to give them a try.

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