Good Day Sunshine Oats Bar

Good Day Sunshine Oats Bar from Sweet Mary Jane’s Edibles.  150mg THC.  

GoodDaySunshine (8)

So this thing is pretty much an oat bar with a bunch of seeds and fruit in it, such as: Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds, Poppy seeds, Chia seeds,  and Cranberries.  The bar is very sticky, but that doesn’t do much to hold it together, as it started to fall apart as soon as I picked it up.

GoodDaySunshine (6)

There is honey and maple syrup all over this thing so it is somewhat sweet, but the cranberries give it the tartness to balance is out, and NO BAD CANNABUTTER TASTE!  I ate the whole thing in about an hour, and I still feel it after 2 – 3 hours.  I can definitely feel the Indica strains used in the butter, as my eyes are getting heavy and I can feel my mind has slowed down.   It is 150mg THC, making this bar pretty potent.  I really LIKED this bar, and will definitely be getting more in the future.

GoodDaySunshine (1)

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