Beer Glass, 14mm Honey Drip Dab Rig

Written by Chewberto420

Hello Friends, we are looking at a pristine 14mm Honey Drip Oil Rig from Beer Glass. Located in Washington, Steve Beer is blowing some unique and stunning pieces that will leave you gazing in the glass

BeerGlass (1)

This beast draws clean chugs that will keep you coming back.

It has the perfect amount of resistance to allow a long draw for low temp and monster dabs…

 The design doesn’t leave water in your mouth like some, and fits snugly into the palm of your hand.

BeerGlass (3)

A signature move by Beer Glass, The Drips, he drops some of the sickest in the industry on the mouthpieces. The mouthpiece feels great on the lips, very comfortable and natural.

BeerGlass (4) BeerGlass (8) BeerGlass (5)

The 14mm Dome that accompanied the piece is sick, it has electric fumes and changes color in the light, it reveals new colors that you can’t see without the right reflections…

BeerGlass (6) BeerGlass (7)

On the body there is an awesome nub with beautiful Mars like colors, again in different light, this piece has many faces…

BeerGlass (9)

This is currently my “go-to” Rig.

I Highly recommend putting a Beer Glass piece into your collection.

BeerGlass (11)

Make sure you go like their Instagram Page for Radical new Pieces.

You can email Beer Glass with any questions at 

“some” items are available through

Take it easy Everyone…

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