“Kush Scientific” – Puckline Recycler Dab Rig

Written By Chewberto420

Today we are checking out a 14mm Kush Scientific “Puckline” Recycler.

KushScientificRig (4) KushScientificRig (5)

This Rig packs a punch.

Sculpted to recycle the water from the main cavity containing the percolator, into the funnel cavity for a continuous flow of water circulating throughout the Piece.

KushScientificRig (2)

Designed with a Puck style Percolater that forms nice sized bubbles for that slow chug.

KushScientificRig (6) KushScientificRig (7)

I like how the design keeps some distance between your face and the Joint.

The Neck has a narrow passage that keeps your vapor trail tight and flavorful, and allows you to draw for a lengthy period of time without much work on your lungs.

KushScientificRig (10) KushScientificRig (9)

Overall, this is a solid piece from Kush Scientific, with style and ultimate functionality

Thumbs Up from The Colorado Bud Blog

KushScientificRig (8)

Be sure to check them out at http://www.kushscientific.com

or visit their Instagram page.

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