Torchless “Pyromid” Electronic Vaporizer

Written By Chewberto420

Torchless Offers an excellent piece of equipment, for the people who like to control the Flavor and dish out huge dabs.

Feast your eyes on the “Pyromid”

Torchless (12)

This Torchless Pyromid Came with a 16mm Coil and Vapenwiser E-Titanium Nail.

(Note: They do offer a variety of different coil sizes and nail options, including Quartz Joel Halen E-nails.)

Torchless (2)Torchless (3)Torchless (5)

The Pyromid design is sturdy and looks great from all angles. The metal housing is sure to stand up to a beating and last forever.

In the rear is the Power cord input, and the main Power switch to bring the Torchless Pyromid to life.

The unit functions every time and heats up quick.

Torchless (13)

In front is an easy to use control panel for setting your desired temperature to what ever is best for you.

You may find with BHO or a Solventless consistency it will vary in temperature. I prefer 710-777 for my BHO, and mid 800’s for my Full Melt Bubble, Ice wax, Solventless etc, on screens.

The unit will heat to your desired temps in 2-3 minutes tops. It stays very stable for the most part, but it will fluctuate within a few degrees at times, especially if its full of oil, but no need to worry, it is normal.

Torchless (1)

The Torchless Pyromid keeps on ticking for long sessions, or short quickies at home with the wife. Just Plug it in…

The Green push button on the front will turn your unit on, and the blue push button on the right will illuminate the Torchless Symbol for an awesome glow.


The E-Titanium nail by Vapenwiser that came with my unit works great, it fits the 16mm coil perfectly and maintain temps like a champ. It will attach to 18mm, 14mm, and even 10mm female joints for complete versatility.

I can dump  huge loads into this bucket without worrying about over spill with my BHO. The E-Ti nail  design functions to allow screens to rest on the top for Full Melt Ice Wax dabs (My Personal Favorite)

Torchless (7) Torchless (10) Torchless (9) Torchless (8)

The Vapenwiser E-Titanium nail will fit a Highly educated Carb Cap just right for those low temp dabs that we all enjoy.

Torchless (6)

Torchless has outdone themselves with this affordable unit, I must say the price is attractive, and the unit has performed flawlessly since I’ve put it to work.

The Pyromid has been my go-to in-house piece and will continue to be a Staple tool in my dabbing set up.

Go find Torchless on Instagram and Facebook at website at


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