“Cure Cap” from Ohio Curing and Preserve

Written By Chewberto420

Take a look at The Cure Cap from Ohio Curing and Preserve.

These lids have a built-in hygrometer to measure the Relative humidity within the contents of a standard, or “Wide-Mouth” Mason Jar.

CureCaps (2)CureCaps (6)

Fixated on the top of the lid is a Hygrometer that will read Relative Humidity percentages without having to open the jar. The Cure Cap will assist you in finding that sweet spot of Relative Humidity that you’re seeking when curing, and storing your Cannabis and Hash.

CureCaps (1)

The Cure Cap comes in two sizes, One size can fit a “Wide Mouth” Mason Jars that can be used for curing larger batches of Cannabis, and the other size is designed to fit Regular and smaller sized Mason jars. The smaller Cure Cap will fit on most of the smaller sized jars, which should be nice for curing Hash. It comes with the lid insert only, not the threading ring for the Mason Jars, and it fits the jars great.

CureCaps (4) CureCaps (3)

I will experiment with these units some more, and get back to you with the results.

Stay tuned!

If you would like to find out more about this product, you can visit Ohio Curing and Preserves Website  at


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