Black Dog LED Platinum XL-U Grow Light

Written by Chewberto420

Black Dog LED is Based out of Boulder Colorado, and they are Creating Top of the line LED grow lights for Growing indoors since 2010.


Today we are getting an inside look at the Platinum XL-U Grow light from Black Dog LED.

Shipped securely and promptly to your door.

BlackDogLEDUnboxing (25)

As you can see, they take the necessary precautions to get the light to you safely and without damage.

BlackDogLEDUnboxing (1) BlackDogLEDUnboxing (28) BlackDogLEDUnboxing (27) BlackDogLEDUnboxing (26)

The Platinum XL-U weighs in at 47 pounds, the dimensions are 19.5″ x 19.5″ x 5″, and the amp draw is 6.25A~3.125A (@ 120/240v), opposed to a standard 1000w HID ballast (Phantom 1000w Digital) which pulls close to 9~5 amps. An excellent reduction of Energy needs.

BlackDogLEDUnboxing (12)

The Black Dog Platinum XL-U Delivers a lighting footprint of 7.0 FT in the Vegetative cycle, and 4.5 FT in Flowering Cycle, sure to match the footprint of any 1000w HID system.

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The Platinum Xl-U is Comprised of 300 genuine high output 5w Epistar LED’s, creating 750 True Watts or 1500 LED watts to push the Black Dog LED’s proprietary full cycle Phyto-genesis Spectrum to the limit. Designed to push both Vegetative and flowering cycles to their maximum potential, this light literally covers it all

BlackDogLEDUnboxing (11)

Black Dog LED’s proprietary Phyto-genesis Spectrum™, utilizes hundreds of beneficial light waves that include not only multiple wavelengths targeting crucial absorption peaks for photosynthesis, but also IR and UV to help induce flowering and increase oil production.”

The Square design provides an even footprint to maintain an even canopy while growing for maximum yields.

BlackDogLEDUnboxing (10)

The Platinum XL-U utilizes the Largest heat sinks in the industry for superior cooling and increased LED life.

BlackDogLEDUnboxing (9)

BlackDogLEDUnboxing (8)

The Light offers Heavy duty rings for hanging, makes it easy to clip on a ratchet hanger.

BlackDogLEDUnboxing (5)

If you have low ceilings, you can use the close quarters bracket to get the proper fit.


The Platinum XL-U is provided with a Heavy Duty 8 FT power cord for 120/240V sockets.

BlackDogLEDUnboxing (7)

All you have to do is Hit the On/off toggle switch to bring the Platinum XL-U to life.

BlackDogLEDUnboxing (6)

Reasons to use Black Dog LED

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Black Dog LED products are warranted against defective materials and/or workmanship to original owners from the date of original purchase for the lifetime of ownership by the original consumer

Eco and cost friendly

Eliminates toxic Mercury required like that of HID and CFL Lighting. Generates less heat, resulting in reduction of energy costs from having to cool your grow space. Also the unit draws less energy when compared to a standard 1000w HID lighting system.


The Heavy T grow show offered a challenge for LED companies by doing an independent grow to compare yields stacked against standard HID Lighting. The results showed a 5% increase in yield from using the Black Dog LED. The Grower also commented on the fruits from the Black Dog by saying he preferred them opposed to the traditional HID grown Fruit… click the link for more info


Black Dog LED’s Phyto-Genesis Spectrum is designed to unlock the plants full potential, which in turn maximizes Terpenes. Terpenes are the aromatics from the flowers essential oils, which are crucial to creating flavorful and robust product. Terpenes also work hand in hand with medicinal value via the entourage effect. This helps create a better medicine, product, and connoisseur grade that is most desired.

Ingenuity and Innovation

Black Dog LED is the First of many in the LED industry, so you can be sure they have gone through the testing to bring you the most up to date technology when providing LED grow lights.


  • To offer true 3w LEDs with a single diode, instead of 3w3 with three 1w diodes, like most other “3w lights.”
  • To incorporate UV and IR light, which enhances taste and aroma, as well as speeding up flowering time.
  • To utilize warm and cool white chips to compensate for nanometers lacking in the spectrum.
  • To design a light with a full spectrum that uses up to 17 different light spectrums.
  • To incorporate a thermal cutoff switch, protecting your purchase of the most advanced LED grow lighting available
  • To dispel the hype and design a real 1000w HID replacement—the Platinum XL-U, which is the most powerful LED grow light on the planet, watt for watt and chip for chip.
  • To use high – flow and quiet ball bearing fans.
  • To incorporate all 18-gauge internal wiring, which eliminates any heat from impedance, further reducing wear on the light.
  • To own a SpectroRadiometer and conduct independent research on spectrum and its effects on photosynthesis and ultimately on plant yield and health.
  • And the only LED light company to offer a limited lifetime warranty!

Knowing they have paved the way in this industry will have you resting easy after joining the Black Dog LED family.

Make sure to go check out their website at for great information and awesome Gear. Also go give the Black Dog LED Instagram and Facebook page a like…

Note~We will be updating the website and social media outlets with a look inside the testing and trials on the Platinum XL-U Light, so keep your eyes peeled for Grow pics and data. We are underway with side by side tests and things will be picking up soon…

BlackDogLEDUnboxing (2)

Stay tuned for the Review on the Method Seven Black Dog Operator LED Glasses.

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