Written By Chewberto420

Here is one for the Growers and the Trimmers.

Today I want to give you an inside look at the Trim Station.

TrimStationActionShots (5)

A completely adjustable unit that can be customized to your environment.

If you’re on a couch, in a chair, or even laying down, the Trimstation allows you to adjust the height of the tray, and scoot it in right to your body, so that you can sit up straight while working. A happy back means a happy trimmer.

TrimStationActionShots (4)

The trim station has your posture and your productivity in mind.

In traditional Trimming practices, we are hunched over, and in need of a large area to store our product and end product, like tubs,bags,jars and a table. With the Trimstation, you have it all within your lap.

Comfortable Wrist Rests, Beverage Holder, Cell phone Holder, A “Grease ball” sponge for cleaning scissors, scissor holders ( filled with alcohol) , and a Bright Overhead LED Light to See what you’re doing for the perfect manicure.

TrimStationActionShots (6)

Keep your Untrimmed buds in the left cavity, then trim your buds over the center  “green screen” grate that has a “swag bag” attached to it, and finally toss your manicured buds into the right cavity.

Voila! All of Your trim is contained within the bag, and you can keep moving, just reload and go..

TrimStationActionShots (2)TrimStationActionShots (3)

TrimStationActionShots (1)

The Trimstation allows for hours of comfortable trimming and organization.

I was efficiently able to trim a 6 0z plant in under 2 hours by myself without struggling.

Trimstation has a great Handle on The Trim Game, Go check out their website at for more…

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