Written By Chewberto420

The Cloneshipper device is designed to keep a flower clone alive and secure for a lengthy trip.

CloneShipper (2) CloneShipper (3)

The design allows you to secure a flower clone in your preferred medium within the container. 

The Cloneshipper container provides an led light source to keep the plant in Vegetative mode.

The LED light provides an option of blinking at two different speeds, or continuous lighting. I imagine for a long trip it may be more desirable to conserve battery life, and have it on blinking mode.

CloneShipper (4) CloneShipper (1)

Wet the medium before the trip, secure the lid, and let her go.

The Cloneshipper is an awesome idea, and in theory this product  should work fine for transporting plants to a different area.

I will throw a clone in here to see how long it lasts after some light tossing and time, I will get back to you with the verdict and expectations of these units.

For more information about Cloneshipper, be sure to check out their website at

Note: I can’t advise using the mail system for this product and cannabis, as it is federally illegal to do so.

Please Stay Safe!

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