100ft King Size Hempwick

Today I bring you a product that has been around for a long time, but not many people know about it or use it; it’s the I-Tal Hempwick, an alternative to butane lighters.  This is the 100ft. King Size Hempwick.

I-TalHempwick (6)

hempwick is hemp twine that is rolled in organic beeswax.  It is meant for smoking cannabis in a safer and cleaner fashion.

I-TalHempwick (11)

You also get a lot more flavor out of your cannabis, since you aren’t breathing in butane.  

I-TalHempwick (13)

I usually buy the small twines that I can just wrap around my lighter, but they finally had the 100ft ball so I HAD to pick it up!  I really like it, it fits in your hand great.

ITalHempwick (10)

It is very easy to use.  Just pull a little bit out and light it with a lighter.

ITalHempwick (2)

And then put it to your bowl, just like a lighter!

ITalHempwick (1)

Just make sure you put it out after, as to not waste all of your wick!  I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to cut butane out of their life.  You get a much better flavor from your cannabis, and you won’t waste as much money going through lighters all the time.  The best thing about the I-Tal Hempwick is simply knowing that I am not inhaling butane everytime I toke!  Look for the 100ft King Size Hempwick at your local smoke shop, and check out more products from I-Tal Hempwick at http://www.italhempwick.com, and make the switch to a butane free life!

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