Kindtray “Rolling Tray”

Written By Chewberto420

Kindtray is an original company that provides a variety of custom style trays for any function!

KindTray (22)

Today we are going to be showing you the Rolling Tray from KindTray.

This bad boy is perfectly designed for the flower smoker, with class in mind.

In front is a tray carved out for your flowers. Nice for breaking up buds, and having a general working area for stems, shake, trim etc…

KindTray (3)

Located Behind the tray area, there are Two grooves that can house rolling papers, both king size and standard size.

The Cut outs on the back corners can hold your standard grinder,  and a little jar or med safe container.

In between the rear corners have a Bic lighter holder, and a 14mm bowl and 18mm bowl holder.

Directly below those convenient holders, there is a small hole which I like to house my Happy Daddy scrape tool.


Kindtray has an amazing selection to browse from on their website at

“A Place for Your Stash”

Wood – Crafted from forest certified green or reclaimed woods. Finish – All natural food safe grade finishes. Magnets – Triple layer coated nickel copper rare earth magnets to secure the lids. The magnets are very strong and open with a simple twist to keep your stash safe. Seals – All natural gum rubber gaskets to keep your stash fresh. Craftsmanship – Manufactured in the USA with the finest craftsmanship! Warranty – Lifetime warranty from any manufacturing defects. Care & Maintenance – To keep your kind tray looking new we recommend you apply a coat of butcher block conditioner periodically. We utilize Howard Butcher Block Conditioner which is a food grade mineral oil and natural wax~

Be sure to check them out and get your products in, and on some proper gear.

Keep your Eyes peeled for more great products from Kindtray, We still have a lot of great stuff to show you.

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