Pure Hemp Rolling Papers

Written By Chewberto420

Today we are checking out The Line of Rolling Papers from Pure Hemp.

Made from Natural Hemp Fiber, and a Natural gum that holds through the duration of the joint.

“Our gum is derived from the resins of a particular kind of African Acacia tree – the Acacia Senegalensis” ~ Pure Hemp Website

PureHemp (2)

Pure Hemp 1 1/4 size Ultra-thin Rolling Papers come in standard, and or unbleached and chlorine-free . Each book contains 25 leaves to pull from.

PureHemp (6)PureHemp (5)

For the Session Smoker who likes to roll up a big “fatty” they also offer the King Sized Papers in Standard, or Unbleached and chlorine-free. Each book contains 30 leaves to roll up.

PureHemp (4) PureHemp (3)

Support some sick apparel that is made from 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton. 

PureHemp (7)

PureHemp (1)

So Far, So Good!

We will keep twisting them up, and then get back to you with the verdict on Pure Hemp Rolling Papers in the Review. So keep your eyes peeled! 

In the meantime, For More about Pure Hemp Products, and great information about hemp, visit their website at:


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