Gold Digger Dab Tool

I was in Durango today shopping at Gandolf’s Smoke Shop when I picked up the Gold Digger Dab Tool by Skilletools.  I’ve had my eye on this thing for a while, but didn’t want to throw down the cash for it, as it cost over $30!  However, I must say that it was worth every penny.

GoldDigger (1)

This thing is epic!  Curved pointed tool on one end;

GoldDigger (2)

fat “grain shovel” scoop on the other!

GoldDigger (4)

I bought this for the scoop end, as it makes for scooping big chunks of crumble into my Honey Bucket very easy.

18mmHoneyBucket (15)

This thing is awesome!  I would HIGHLY recommend this tool to anyone who wants to take giant dabs of crumble in the easiest way possible!  Check out Skilletools online at and in your local smoke shops!

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