The Globfather

Written By Chewberto420

Happy Daddy Products continues to produce exceptional dab tools made from grade 2 Titanium.

The Globfather is no exception to that.

A 7 inch Rod of titanium Power.

HappyDaddyToolsNew (9)

Made for serious dumps, this thing can shovel on gram after gram with ease on the square scoop end. The tool also has a pick at the other end, i like to use for shatter.

HappyDaddyToolsNew (7) HappyDaddyToolsNew (8)

& inches long and Made from grade 2 Titanium right here in the USA.

HappyDaddyToolsNew (2)HappyDaddyToolsNew (12)

Look at the craftsmanship, and the Globfather’s shovel capabilities. From serving crumb, to waxes, budders, live resin, to ice wax etc, this guy can hook you up.

HappyDaddyToolsNew (3) HappyDaddyToolsNew (4)

Loaded Globfather Scoop full of ice wax


On the other end of this beast of a bucket, is the pick end. I like grabbing some snap and pull shatter back with this, and delivering some big slabs to my nail.

HappyDaddyToolsNew (5)

 Its simple to see that Happy Daddy is leading the way in the Dab Tool Game. We have more to come from HDP so stay tuned.

In the meantime, Find them on Instagram and Facebook and give them a like.

check out their website at

Stay Irie!

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