Davinci “Ascent” Digital Vaporizer

Written By Chewberto420

The Davinci Ascent Digital Vaporizer utilizes an all glass pathway for a special vaping experience.

DaVinciVape (2)

This is one of the first companies to design and produce a portable Vaporizer with an all glass vapor path for a delicious flavor sure to please anyone.

DaVinciVape (5)

The Ascent comes with a led screen and completely adjustable temperature feature, that way you can find the sweet spot for flowers or concentrates.

DaVinciVape (10)

This carbon Fiber design is very stylish, and it feels very smooth and comfortable in hand.

DaVinciVape (8)

The unit draws air from the lower portion,

DaVinciVape (6)

 into the glass lined ceramic heating chamber,

DaVinciVape (9)

into the glass vapor way, and through the mouthpiece.

DaVinciVape (16) DaVinciVape (15)

The Davinci Ascent will allow you to vaporize your favorite herbs and concentrates.

The flowers taste so good when vamping from the Ascent, I was surprised at the hit I could draw from it too. you just grind up your flowers and fill the white oval shaped ceramic housing and get to work.

DaVinciVape (14)

The unit comes with glass vials to use for concentrates. The lid falls off when it gets hot, so it can make a mess. I’m not sure if this is a design flaw or my silicon lids were mis-shapen, But if those stayed on, it would make for a more efficient experience.

The taste was extremely good with the all glass vapor path way, with both flowers, and especially the concentrates, I really enjoyed the terpene preservation.

DaVinciVape (11) DaVinciVape (1)

The Davinci Ascent features a retractable glass mouth piece which is nice, just in case you don’t like to share your unit. You can slap on a different unit for guests (and people with herpes ) Just kidding, but seriously, it’s a great idea.

Note:I accidentally broke a mouth piece by pulling it out too hard, (I stress tested it) and it broke, so be gentle removing the mouth piece.

DaVinciVape (12)

All and all a great design with a few kinks.

go check them out at http://www.davincivaporizer.com for different styles and products.

I will do some more testing on this unit and get back to you.

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