VapeXhale “Cloud Evo”

Written By Chewberto420

Take a Look at the Cloud Evo by VapeXhale. A truly remarkable device that is versatile, with upmost functionality. The Cloud Evo has an all glass vapor pathway which preserves flavor all the way into your lung for a tasty experience.

VapeXhale (2)VapeXhale (4)VapeXhale (6)VapeXhale (3)

This Device can be used with Flowers and Concentrates. On the left is a glass chamber for adding oils, waxes,budder, shatter etc. On the right is a mesh plug that you can load full of grinded goodness…

 VapeXhale (5)

A Temperature knob allows you to adjust the units heat intensity to cater to the product you are vaping, and your own specific preferences. I tend to like lower temps for tasty dabs, and higher temps for full blown flower clouds…

VapeExhale2 (2)

When you hit the power switch, you are given a nice Red glowing light within the glass to indicate the unit is warming up, and as soon as you see that welcoming Green light illuminate, you’re ready to start having fun…

VapeXhale (1) VapeExhale2 (1)

The unit comes equipped with an 18mm Male joint fixated to the top of the Cloud Evo unit. Virtually any Bong or Oil Rig can be attached to the Cloud Evo with some simple attachments, tubes, or even straight to the device without any attachments at all. You could literally tip this Vape Xhale Cloud Evo into your 18mm female joint bong and use it for the flower mesh plug portion of the unit. Concentrates would make a sticky mess if you tipped it, so i wouldn’t recommend that, but Flowers all day upside down fun…

VapeXhale (7)

The concentrate portion is rather simple, just load the bottom of the glass tube with your favorite Hash, and drop this bad boy into the 18mm male joint for a tasty experience. This unit preserves the Flavor like a champ, and you can draw some of the hugest dabs…

VapeExhale2 (3) VapeExhale2 (4)

Artisans Hand make glass units specifically designed to attach to the top of the cloud Evo.

Meet the Hydratube option.

VapeXhale (8)

This Hydratube is called a  “Swagger side Circ.” You are able to fill the unit with water and offer yourself complete filtration, with a nice diffused Rig right on top. This was Truly an Amazing Experience. I haven’t had a Vape hit that made me sweat until I stepped to this thing… Bravo!

VapeExhale2 (5)

All in All, I would say this is the future for home vaping. There isn’t a unit out there that can make you feel like you just boomed a half of a gram dab like this one ( at least not yet).

Do yourself a favor and Check out VapeXHale at and see what these guys are up to. They have a variety of rad Hydratubes, and great info.

Stay Irie!

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