Product Review: MouthPeace

Written by Chewberto420

Are you often scared of getting Herpes, or the dreaded “Cup Cough” from attending Marijuana Social events and Festivals?


Look No Further than Mouthpeace.

Mouthpeace (1)

A 100% Platinum Cured Silicon MouthPeace to insert in virtually any Pipe, Bong or Dab rig, even some joints and vape pens might fit.

Mouthpeace (7)

The Flexible Ribbed and tapered cone design allows you to secure your Mouthpeace to most all Smoking devices.

Mouthpeace (6)

By using pressure when pressing your mouth against the unit, you create a tight seal that allows you to draw hits with ease.

You want the Mouthpeace for Pipes? No Problem!

Mouthpeace (8)

Bongs? Sure!

Mouthpeace (11)

Dab Rigs? You Bet!

Mouthpeace (10)

Even those 10mm Mini Tubes for on the Road..

Mouthpeace (9)

Mouthpeace did us all a favor by creating this device, no more germs and illness exposure while trying to have a good time.

Mouthpeace (5)

Don’t forget your nifty Lanyard attachment.

Rock your MouthPeace around your Neck so you wont lose it.

When you are done enjoying yourself and back home, Just toss your mouthpeace into the Dishwasher, its safe ūüôā

Mouthpeace (4)

MouthPeace is the way to travel when “Hitting” the Weed Events.

MouthPeace is Available in Many colors.

Be sure to check out the website at and get yours today!

How to Winterize BHO “Dewaxing”

Written by Chewberto420

Winterization Is the process of removing all residual, solvents, waxes and fats from the final product using ethanol to make¬†an “Absolute” product.

We do this to create a pure product that is easy on your lungs and safer for consumption.

If done properly you can create some tasty and super stable products.

DeWaxing (3)

1. Provide Quality single solvent Butane Hash Oil of any consistency.

We have a small batch of 6.0 Grams of crystalline BHO flake to winterize.

DeWaxing (7) DeWaxing (10) DeWaxing (2)

2. Use ethanol that IS NOT Denatured, I am using Everclear for this process.

DeWaxing (5)

3. Get your product ready!

DeWaxing (8)DeWaxing (7)

4. Grab a Clean Mason Jar with Lid and your Temp Gun…

DeWaxing (4)DeWaxing (6)

5. Pour the Everclear into the Mason Jar, you want to use around 1-2 oz of ethanol per gram of oil product. if you’d like to expedite the emulsifying process, you can heat up the ethonal to about 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit (No Open Flames), use your Infrared Temp gun and check your temps, make sure to stay around 85 degrees to preserve terpenes.

DeWaxing (11)

6. After your ethanol has reached a nice temp of 85 degrees,

Get Your  BHO product ( Firestomper OG from Firehouse Genetics Colorado)

and pour it into the ethanol mix.

DeWaxing (12)DeWaxing (14)

7. Put the lid on the Mason jar, and swirl the ethanol hash blend around to begin breaking down the mix until it is emulsified, and is one solution.

DeWaxing (17)DeWaxing (16)DeWaxing (18)DeWaxing (19)

Nice and Clear…

DeWaxing (20)

8. After you’ve mixed up your Ethanol and hash into a single clear solution, you are going to put this jar in the freezer for 24-48 hours. The freezing process will occur more rapidly under lower temps.

At this time, throw another clean Mason Jar into the freezer to prepare for the liquid transfer..

After 24-48 hours, you will notice Plant waxes and fats (lipids) coagulating within the liquid mix.

It is now time to filter..

DeWaxing (21)

DeWaxing (22)DeWaxing (23)

9. Grab your Unbleached Coffee filters and a funnel.

DeWaxing (9)

Now Pour the Frozen Ethanol hash and lipid mix, into the other frozen mason jar, do this with a funnel and unbleached coffee filter. Make sure you do the filtering process inside the freezer the entire time, until it has finished.

DeWaxing (26)DeWaxing (25)

You can also secure the Coffee  filter to the jar, by attaching just the ring for the lid to the jar.

DeWaxing (24)

10. After the product has filtered down into the new Frozen Mason jar, you will be left with a pristine golden liquid product void of plant waxes and fats…

What you see here, are all the residual Lipids¬† that were removed from our initial product that have no medicinal value . These lipids¬† make for a harsher dab/smoke, and are a serious burden to your respiratory system…

DeWaxing (30)

Now, Time to pour and Evaporate.

DeWaxing (29)

11. Grab a Pyrex dish of your choice, and pour your new filtered liquid onto the dish.

DeWaxing (31)

12. After you’ve poured the solution onto the Pyrex, Be sure to cover the dish with something breathable to deter airborne particles from contaminating the liquid while it is evaporating.

I put My dish into an empty cupboard.

DeWaxing (13)DeWaxing (32)

Set the dish in any Room Temp area, and wait till it starts to evaporate and reduce down to oil.

13. When your product looks something like this, and is no longer a liquid state, but a goo state, you are now ready to scrape up and Vac-purge.

If you don’t have a Vacuum Oven/Chamber, you can allow it to reduce on a warm water bath, trying not to allow the oil to exceed 90 degrees.

DeWaxing (33)

Now, Scrape up your oil onto an Oil Slick pad, or unbleached parchment paper for the final step.

DeWaxing (36)

14. After you’ve scraped up the oil onto a non stick surface, put it into a vacuum oven/heated chamber to begin warming the oil mass until it has reached 85-90 degrees. Don’t vacuum until it has reached temp. After it has reached desired temps, you can begin vacuum purging¬† the remaining ethanol from the oil.

DeWaxing (34)DeWaxing (35)

15. After the product has purged, you are all finished.

The amount of time to engage in the purging process is relative to the amount of oil that you are winterizing. This could take anywhere from 12-48 hours to purge.

You now have a beautiful “absolute” dewaxed BHO product,¬† residual free from lipids and butane.

DeWaxing (38)DeWaxing (40)

Pictures of finished product.

Firestomper OG winterized/dewaxed Shatter

DeWaxing (41)DeWaxing (42)

Any Questions?

Stay High…

Product review: Colorado Dabsmith “Honey dipper Dabber Tool and Stand”

Written by Chewberto420

Colorado  Dabsmith is a company manned by Brothers Jordan and Jonathan Thompson.

A company which is Based out of Colorado, and was Established in 2014.

DabSmith (11)

Colorado Dabsmith offers Fresh and Unique products made from Titanium, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber and 3D-printed plastics.

Take a look at the Colorado Dabsmith “Honey dipper” Titanium Dab Tool and Stand.

DabSmith (12)

The Dabsmith Honey dipper is an Awesome and versatile tool to say the least!

DabSmith (15)

Stretching in at 4 inches long, and constructed from Grade 2 Titanium.

Machined in Fort Collins, Colorado.

DabSmith (10)

The Dabsmith Honey dipper Tool is Very handy in serving up shatters, budders, and waxes , but most importantly,  gooey oils.

We all know that Hash oil can be challenging to work with and grab, but The Honey dipper  has no problem pulling up gooey Hash oil with the unique Hive like dipper head.

Complete with texture grooves at the end of the tool to insure a stable grip when Dabbing.

DabSmith (1)DabSmith (16)DabSmith (8)

Accompanying this Colorado¬† Dabmith tool,¬† is an Aluminum Hive stand (sold separately),¬† that can hold your tool any which way you like. Dunk it, Prop it, rest it, balance it, you have many options…

DabSmith (14)

I would definitely recommend this tool from Colorado Dabsmith.

DabSmith (9)

When working with Co2 and Butane oils that are more viscous and have a liquid consistency, this piece can make your dabbing sessions run a lot smoother.

Be sure to Scope out the Colorado Dabsmith Website for other products at

Also give @Billynare a follow on Instagram for new updates and stunning Cannabis Photography

Till Next Time…

Politics should be about Ideas & Trust – Mike Dunafon for Governor



Politics should be about Ideas & Trust – Mike Dunafon for Governor.

A vote for this Man can be the start of something New, an actual change in our broken Government. Vote For Mike Dunafon for Governor of Colorado. The great pretender HickenLooper has gone on record calling Colorado voters “Reckless” for passing Amendment 64, then he goes on to express how well things are going in Colorado under him… Well Yeah, that is because folks from all over the country Come to Colorado for Cannabis, and spend money on Hotels, restaraunts, and Stores. It’s because of our “Reckless” decision to pass 64 that this state is Thriving, and crime is down, not because of one thing Hickenlooper has done, He is a fraud. Supporting Hickenlooper or beupreuex is a vote against liberty, it is a vote that agrees with allowing innocent people To die and suffer, rather than allow them to consume a non toxic and healing plant. ¬†its time we take the Power Back!!! ¬†VOTE FOR Dunafon

Product Review: Happy Daddy Products “F-Bomb” Titanium Dab Tool

Written By Chewberto420

Back Once again with another one from Happy Daddy Products.

We are looking at a unique tool called¬† “The F-Bomb”.

HappyDaddyToolsNew (10)

 Weighing in at 1oz, and stretching 7 inches in length.

Made out of  Grade 2 Pure Titanium, right here in the USA.

HappyDaddyToolsNew (12)

One end of the F-Bomb has an eyelet that can grip budders, waxes and oils with ease. A nifty design that allows the heat to hit the eyelet and melt everything with ease.

HappyDaddyToolsNew (1)

The other end of the F-Bomb has a Fork for serving the same consistencies. It works¬† great with wax, plus it can stab some shatter too. The fork can sit flush on the base of most¬†nails, making it easy to get every drop of oil…

HappyDaddyToolsNew (11)

Happy Daddy Products always provides helpful instructions with each tool.

 HappyDaddyToolsNew (6)

I can get down on any type of concentrate with this Tool. I absolutely love it!

I highly recommend adding this tool to your collection.

Check out there website at for more amazing tools from Happy Daddy Products.

Also,¬† give their Facebook and Instagram a Like…

Have an Irie Day…

Product Review: Torchless “Pyromid” E-Nail

Written By Chewberto420

Torchless Offers an excellent piece of equipment, for the people who like to control the Flavor and dish out huge dabs.

Feast your eyes on¬†the “Pyromid”

Torchless (12)

This Torchless Pyromid Came with a 16mm Coil and Vapenwiser E-Titanium Nail.

(Note: They do offer a variety of different coil sizes and nail options, including Quartz Joel Halen E-nails.)

Torchless (2)Torchless (3)Torchless (5)

The Pyromid design is sturdy and looks great from all angles. The metal housing is sure to stand up to a beating and last forever.

In the rear is the Power cord input, and the main Power switch to bring the Torchless Pyromid to life.

The unit functions every time and heats up quick.

Torchless (13)

In front is an easy to use control panel for setting your desired temperature to what ever is best for you.

You may find¬†with¬†BHO or a Solventless consistency it will vary in temperature.¬†I prefer 710-777 for my BHO, and mid 800’s for my Full Melt Bubble, Ice wax, Solventless etc,¬†on screens.

The unit will heat to your desired temps in 2-3 minutes tops. It stays very stable for the most part, but it will fluctuate within a few degrees at times, especially if its full of oil, but no need to worry, it is normal.

Torchless (1)

The Torchless Pyromid keeps on ticking for long sessions, or short quickies at home with the wife. Just Plug it in…

The Green push button on the front will turn your unit on, and the blue push button on the right will illuminate the Torchless Symbol for an awesome glow.


The E-Titanium nail by Vapenwiser that came with my unit works great, it fits the 16mm coil perfectly and maintain temps like a champ. It will attach to 18mm, 14mm, and even 10mm female joints for complete versatility.

I can dump  huge loads into this bucket without worrying about over spill with my BHO. The E-Ti nail  design functions to allow screens to rest on the top for Full Melt Ice Wax dabs (My Personal Favorite)

Torchless (7) Torchless (10) Torchless (9) Torchless (8)

The Vapenwiser E-Titanium nail will fit a Highly educated Carb Cap just right for those low temp dabs that we all enjoy.

Torchless (6)

Torchless has outdone themselves with this affordable unit, I must say the price is attractive, and the unit has performed flawlessly since I’ve put it to work.

The Pyromid has been my go-to in-house piece and will continue to be a Staple tool in my dabbing set up.

Go find Torchless on Instagram and Facebook at website at

I will continue to Rally this thing and keep you posted on New Info and Data from Testing.


Stay Blessed Everybody!

Product Review: Happy Daddy Products “The GlobFather” Titanium Dab Tool

Written By Chewberto420

Happy Daddy Products continues to produce exceptional dab tools made from grade 2 Titanium.

The Globfather is no exception to that.

A 7 inch Rod of titanium Power.

HappyDaddyToolsNew (9)

Made for serious dumps, this thing can shovel on gram after gram with ease on the square scoop end. The tool also has a pick at the other end, i like to use for shatter.

HappyDaddyToolsNew (7) HappyDaddyToolsNew (8)

& inches long and Made from grade 2 Titanium right here in the USA.

HappyDaddyToolsNew (2)HappyDaddyToolsNew (12)

Look at the craftsmanship, and the Globfather’s shovel capabilities. From serving crumb, to waxes, budders, live resin, to ice wax etc, this guy can hook you up.

HappyDaddyToolsNew (3) HappyDaddyToolsNew (4)

Loaded Globfather Scoop full of ice wax


On the other end of this beast of a bucket, is the pick end. I like grabbing some snap and pull shatter back with this, and delivering some big slabs to my nail.

HappyDaddyToolsNew (5)

 Its simple to see that Happy Daddy is leading the way in the Dab Tool Game. We have more to come from HDP so stay tuned.

In the meantime, Find them on Instagram and Facebook and give them a like.

check out their website at

Stay Irie!

Product Review: Davinci “Ascent” Portable Vaporizer

Written By Chewberto420

The Davinci Ascent Digital Vaporizer utilizes an all glass pathway for a special vaping experience.

DaVinciVape (2)

This is one of the first companies to design and produce a portable Vaporizer with an all glass vapor path for a delicious flavor sure to please anyone.

DaVinciVape (5)

The Ascent comes with a led screen and completely adjustable temperature feature, that way you can find the sweet spot for flowers or concentrates.

DaVinciVape (10)

This carbon Fiber design is very stylish, and it feels very smooth and comfortable in hand.

DaVinciVape (8)

The unit draws air from the lower portion,

DaVinciVape (6)

 into the glass lined ceramic heating chamber,

DaVinciVape (9)

into the glass vapor way, and through the mouthpiece.

DaVinciVape (16) DaVinciVape (15)

The Davinci Ascent will allow you to vaporize your favorite herbs and concentrates.

The flowers taste so good when vamping from the Ascent, I was surprised at the hit I could draw from it too. you just grind up your flowers and fill the white oval shaped ceramic housing and get to work.

DaVinciVape (14)

The unit comes with glass vials to use for concentrates. The lid falls off when it gets hot, so it can make a mess. I’m not sure if this is a design flaw or my silicon lids were mis-shapen, But if those stayed on, it would make for a more efficient experience.

The taste was extremely good with the all glass vapor path way, with both flowers, and especially the concentrates, I really enjoyed the terpene preservation.

DaVinciVape (11) DaVinciVape (1)

The Davinci Ascent features a retractable glass mouth piece which is nice, just in case you don’t like to share your unit. You can slap on a different unit for guests (and people with herpes ) Just kidding, but seriously, it’s a great idea.

Note:I accidentally broke a mouth piece by pulling it out too hard, (I stress tested it) and it broke, so be gentle removing the mouth piece.

DaVinciVape (12)

All and all a great design with a few kinks.

go check them out at for different styles and products.

I will do some more testing on this unit and get back to you.

Product Review: “Domeless Quartz Nail” from “Quartz Castle”

Written by brokenlungz

If you like to¬†dab,¬†and you want an¬†alternative to Titanium, then¬†Quartz¬†is probably a great option for you, and¬†Quartz Castle¬†delivers. The¬†Quartzcastle bowls are¬†designed by Talented Chris Schuler in the state of Washington.¬†Quartz is a common crystal¬†found in the earth, and even though it looks similar to glass, it is much, much stronger. ¬†The main advantage of Quartz¬†over¬†Titanium¬†is a¬†cleaner taste. ¬†Sometimes¬†Titanium¬†can leave a gross metal flavor in your mouth, tainting the taste of your concentrate. ¬†With Quartz,¬†you will get a much cleaner taste from your concentrates. ¬†While¬†Titanium is¬†obviously¬†stronger than¬†Quartz,¬†as long as you don’t overheat your Quartz¬†too much or drop it, it should last a long time.¬† I have been using a¬†18mm Domeless Quartz Nail¬†from¬†Quartz Castle¬†for about the last 2 months, and I must say, I am¬†very¬†impressed.

QuartzCastle (20)

  This particular domeless Quartz nail features a bowl-shaped design with 8 slits around the center.  The bowl design makes it very easy to just drop your concentrates in, and the slits all the way around the bowl provide unmatched airflow.

QuartzCastle (29)
Pretty much the only¬†thing that I don’t like is the joint design. ¬†It has a¬†down stem¬†with a rim¬†towards the top, so it doesn’t have any kind of¬†snug fit,¬†it just sits¬†on top of the joint, like a regular¬†domed nail¬†would.
QuartzCastle (41)
It seems like a design flaw to me, because sometimes when you’re taking a dab, and you tilt your piece the wrong way, the nail will tilt off of the joint, resulting in a¬†leak, causing some of your¬†vapor¬†to just go up in to the air, virtually wasting it. ¬†It would be nice to see one that has a¬†female joint,¬†so it will fit¬†snugly¬†on a¬†male joint¬†of an oil rig, but I’m not sure if a female joint is possible on a Quartz nail.

QuartzCastle (19)

This domeless Quartz nail comes in both 18mm and 14mm sizes.
I¬†love¬†this nail. ¬†It heats up fast and it hits great. ¬†As you can see, the vapor evenly flows through all of the airflow slits, making sure all of your concentrates are vaporized. ¬†It is also very easy to clean: simply heat it up a little and scrape off any leftovers. ¬†The only thing I wish was different is the joint. ¬†It would be awesome to see this same nail but with a female joint on it instead of a male one, but until that happens, I’ll keep using this one! ¬†I would recommend this nail to anyone who is looking for an alternative to¬†Titanium,¬†and at¬†less than $50, they are more affordable than¬†Titanium. ¬†Check out¬†Quartz Castle at their website to purchase at, or call Quartzcastle at # (523) 549-6678

“Cloud 9 Head Shop” hooking it up!

Today I went over to Durango, CO, to meet up with the owner of Cloud 9 Head Shop, and snap some pictures of the shop.  They are relatively new to the area, having just opened late last year.  The owner Steph is really nice, and she even already got on to ordering some HIVE Ceramics products before I even had a change to suggest it to her!  Hopefully she will get some BudderBlocks and Skilletools in soon as well.  We talked, I snapped some pictures, and got a great deal on a new oil rig.  I love the colors and marbles on this piece!


“14mm worked oil rig blown by Matt Beale,¬† from¬†Cloud 9 Head Shop”


She even threw in some extras, thanks again Steph!  Keep your eyes open for a review of Cloud 9 Head Shop,  and of course, plenty of pictures! I will have more product reviews soon as well, so watch out for em.  In the meantime, keep up with their Facebook page at, or check out the shop for yourself at 1111 Camino Del Rio #102 in Durango, CO!